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Penrose CDL Condo Floor Plans by Hong Leong Near to Geylang Different Layouts Available

The floor plan is an essential part of the construction as it shows the whole layout of the house from an aerial view. From the size of the house and the type, the plan should reveal:

• Stairs.

• Permanent fixtures.

• Size and location of windows and doors.

• Interior and exterior walls.

• Location and size dimension.

• Room names.

• Drawing scale.

• Material symbols.

• Architectural symbols and conventions.

Materials symbols.

Penrose Condo Floor Plans

Site Plan And Layout for Penrose Condo by City Developments Limited CDL. Latest Update on the Size and Floor Plans by Hong Leong Holdings

They are used to show items to use in construction either frames, bricks, and other materials. It is indicated by an arrow to denote which way is up, it is essential that the information about stairs be correct in the floor plan showing the size, the number of risers to use, and the number of clearance to use.

Interior and exterior walls.

It is an essential part of the floor plan as it determines the shape and size of the house and how rooms are laid out. A thicker black line will denote the exterior walls than the interior ones shown by a less dense black line that is to scale of the intended width.

Permanent fixtures.

They are usually diagrammed on the floor to include kitchen cabinets, toilets, sink, and hot water units, with dotted lines that show kitchen cabinets they should be mounted above.

Size and location of windows and doors.

They do not only show where they are to be installed but also where handles will be on and in which direction they will move. The window opening is a sash in width while the door ones are the actual width.

Room’s names.

The various roams in a house will have names indicated as in the case of a master bedroom. It shows as M.B.R or kitchen shown with a K and bathroom with a B.R.

Location and size dimension.

The floor plan gives the location of the structure and the size of various dimensions of the house shown clearly. The site of constructing the house and all the nearby structure provides the contractor with the right place to set up.

Drawing scale

Since the whole actual measurements of the building cannot fit a paper, then it is drawn to scale by the architect designing the plan, and it is up to the contractor to read and apply the real dimensions in the construction process. Using CADD pro software it hastens up the process of drawing as it automatically generates everything reducing the time to draft by hand.

Architectural symbols and conventions

They include the north arrows that indicate the north direction from the sun and thus showing the orientation of the house


Penrose floor plan or blueprint is the heart of any construction process without it in play. Then the contractor will never be able to deliver what the client wants. It also crucial that the contractor can clearly understand every aspect shown in the plan; any slight mistake might change the outlook of the whole structure. Twill lead to delivering a different structure to the client, though reading and comprehending the floor plan is not an easy task. It gets better with a little bit of understanding and practice.