Living in Geylang

Even though Geylang is generally not considered family-friendly, it’s still a developed area that attracts lots of people. Geylang is one of the most affordable residential areas in Singapore. Additionally, its location is attractive to most occupants- it’s approximately a 6-minute drive from the central business district and it is well-stocked with shops and restaurants.

Besides, the Urban Redevelopment Authority has stopped partitioning housing units in Geylang. Thus, the existing property gained value as a result of scarcity. All of these aspects should be considered by potential landlords or sole tenants. Moreover, most of the buildings are being renovated. Please see Penrose Condo location near to Geylang and Aljunied.

To get a clear picture of what it is to live in Geylang, we interviewed an individual (Marcos Teng) who was based in Geylang for about a year. He reported that rent in this small town is incredibly affordable and it is a 4-6 minutes’ drive to the CBD. The following is a sum-up of some of the unforeseen things you will find when living in Geylang:

Teng described Geylang as a very friendly neighborhood. Most of the retail centers and restaurants are well acquainted with their customers to the extent that they can store misplaced goods for them. It is also very simple to socialize with the residents as they are highly receptive to and open to most types of conversations.

Teng gave a story of a time when foreign workers who were chased away by residents for peeking at prostitutes. The foreigners were yelled at and water would be sprayed at them so that they would leave the place. These were such unexpected actions as it would be hard to spot this kind of behavior anywhere else in the world.

Even though most individuals link Geylang with prostitution, the real truth is that there are more cases of illegal smoking as compared to commercial sex and gambling. Teng explained that Geylang was known as a habitation where all kinds of shady people would get unauthorized cigarettes. Uprohibited cigarettes were all over as they were peddled along the streets and were sold at a cheap price.

Marcos explained that it is hard to try all the foods available in Geylang within a year. During his stay, he added a couple of kilos since food vendors are all over the place. He also depicted that most restaurants were open 24/7 and that that it was so tempting to step in them.

Despite the fact that most people fear Geylang and associate it with gangs, this is not the case since the clans that are deemed dangerous are not actual triads. Most of these clan associations only participate in tranquil cultural activities. The only group that causes havoc are drunkards who fight among themselves.

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