Latest Transactions in January Show Increase Confidence in Real Estate


Penrose Condo Location at Sims Drive

In Singapore, there were residential transactions that have been publics. The dates of these transactions range between January 7th and January 14th. All of the transactions have been completed and the deals are done. The latest developments also see that many buyers are optimistc about the real estate market in Singapore and it is one of the best times to buy into real estate. City fringe developments seems to be highly sought after. Please see the Penrose location which is located at Sims Drive near to Aljunied MRT Station

The transactions in Singapore were broken down by the post districts. The City and the Southwest are in zones one to eight. The Ochard, Tanglin, and Holland districts are numbers nine and ten on any charts.  The large district of Newton, Clementi, and Bukit Timah are zones eleven and then zone twenty-one.  The MacPherson and Geylang areas are twelve to fourteen.  The East Coast of the Singapore area is zones fifteen and sixteen.  The Changi and Pasir Ris are zones seventeen and eighteen. The Serangoon and Thomson areas are numbers nineteen and twenty.  The western part of the areas in zone twenty-two to twenty-four. The Northern part of this region covers zones twenty-five to twenty-eight.

Looking at the chart on deals that were completed a person can find the location of the residence and the areas of the country that they were purchased in. This information also gives the property type that was involved in the sales. There are detached properties that were sold and continuums. Looking at the information that was provided about the transactions there are mostly apartments that are involved in the transactions. Due to the large population, many people live in apartments since they take up less land.

There are terms of the lease that are listened to as part of this information. The most common term for the least is 99 years. This is longer than the average person will live so they will have their residence for life. The sale date is listed. Since this report begins on January 7th this is the date listen as well as the other dates up to January 14th.

There is information on the property that was involved in these transactions. The land and the square footage of the property is included. This is released in square feet. The property ranges from around 700 square feet to over a thousand square feet based on the size of the plot and the size of the property.

There is additional information that can be found here. The transaction price or the price that a person paid for the property is listed. This will vary based on the location and the size of the property. Usually the larger the property the more expensive it will be but location can also have a big impact on the price of the property. The unit price is listed next o this. A person will be able to see the site per square foot paid for the property.

The completion date is on the list. There are some properties where the completion date is listed as unknown if this information was not able to be found. The type of sale is listed. The majority of these properties were resales. This information can help a person see what the average prices for homes are going for and make informed decisions on the market.

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