The Avenir

Penrose Sims Drive City Developments Limited Real Estate Developer also for The Avenir Freehold at Great World City

The Jovell

The Jovell Devleoper Hong Leong Penrose Condo Aljunied MRT

Midwood Hillview

Midwood Hillview Developer Hong Leong which is also developer for Penrose Sims Drive

About Hong Leong Holdings

Hong Leong Holdings Limited is a real estate developer that opened in 1968 and they are a property development and investment company. They offer some of the most comfortable and signature homes on the market. Hong Leong Holdings have developed more than 100 residential properties in some of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the country

Hong Leong Holdings local leader when it comes to real estate developer and is a leader throughout the world. They have developed countless projects and each project have become a success and receive good reviews from the ground with regards to the quality as well as the speed which the keys are colleted

Hong Leong Holdings also seeks into collaboration and a positive work environment which are important for success. The developer understands that in order to excel in projects, other developers expertise also come into play They need to have good communication between the team to make sure the project looks great. There is a lot of time spent in the planning stages as well as collaboration. Designers are also used to help the details in every project.

Hong Leong Holdings also have full time operation staff, sales, and rentals of commercial and residential properties will ensure success. There is time spent in advertising and marketing with careful attention being paid to customer relations. Hong Leong Holdings must invest in capital and talent that can become effective business leaders. They also work with designers to make the business expand and future growth.

Hong Leong Holdings works with KPMS to help secure that all operations run smoothly. They will provide management and maintenance services. They will make sure the building is safe, check for fire hazards, provide a car management service, and provide general maintenance services. They are a top-rated security company and are registered with the Building and Construction Authority.This group provides worldwide business and development. They work in five main areas in the business and development field. Hong Leong Holdiungs has won numerous awards for innovation and its work in the property market. They hold the largest non-government land bank and is rated the biggest residential developer in Singapore. They are also the biggest commercial landlords in the Central Business District of Singapore.

This group has some of the best hotels in London and they manage other hotels all over the world. They operate over 114 hotels with a total of over 29,000 rooms located in 18 countries. This group is the top hotel in and they also work with subsidiaries in New Zealand and they even control the Grand Plaza Hotel Corporation. This is the largest financial operation and they work with customers to help secure their funding for properties. They have assets that total over $7.5 billion. They are improving their services to meet the different needs of the customers. This group control several businesses and they are looking to enter different markets in China.

The Hong Leong Group is committed to making the community a better place. They have developed the Hong Leong Foundation which sponsors different civic causes at home and in other countries. The Hong Leong Group is setting and defining goals in the industry. This company is now increasing its presence in Information Technology and they are looking to develop products and services to meet the needs of the new millennium home buyers and renters.

Some of the projects by Hong Leong Holdings include the below

  • Aalto
  • Amberglades
  • Bartley Residences
  • Parkview Condominium
  • Bishan Park Condominium
  • Carissa Park Condominium
  • Cashew Heights
  • Cavenagh Court
  • Chelsea Gardens
  • Commonwealth Towers
  • St. Regis Residences

City Developments Limited

CDL Developer for Boulevard 88 and Penrose Condo at Aljunied MRT

Sengkang Grand Residences

Sengkang Grand Residences by CDL Which is developing Penrose condo at Geylang

City Developments Limited is a real estate company operating globally. With a network spanning 103 locations on the map, 29 countries and regions, it has a wide range of diversity. Its geographically-diverse portfolio includes residences, offices, hotels, serviced apartments, integrated developments and shopping malls. The company owns more than five million square acres of property. And that’s just the beginning.

City Developments Limited began in 1963 in a small office in Amber Mansions. Founded by one person and consisting of only eight people at the time, CDL was not aware of the great success that would come of it in the future. It made it’s first debut and its shares were listed on what was, at the time, known as the Malayan Stock Exchange. Their signature development is Boulevard 88 located at Orchard which is a signature icon in the Orchard Shopping District.

CDL completed its first housing project in in 1965. It was a 200-unit housing project known as Fresh Breezes and finished in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. The housing project contained terrace, bungalow housing for its clientele. Back then, when CDL was under its own development and getting its feet off the ground, it gained recognition from a variety of projects aside from the one mentioned previously. Following Fresh Breezes, it launched its first high-rise residential development in Singapore. It was also complemented by CDL’s completion of Phase One of Clementi Park, CDL’s first condominium project.

In 1972, a group called the Hong Leong Group, which was guided and led by founder Mr Kwek Hong Png, took an interest in City Developments Limited. The group embarked on CDL’s strategic diversification to improve the growth of its property. The investment properties of CDL increased as it expanded under Mr Kwek Hong Png’s management.

The 1980s makred a new era for City Developments Limited. the 1970s were a very successful year, and in the 1980s, there was a major increase in their expansion. They had plenty of buildings and completed more than 20 residential developments during the decade. By the end of the decade, CDL had sold 12 major projects to its clientele.

City Developments Limited got into the hospitality industry and developed King’s Hotel, which is now known as Copthorne King’s Hotel Singapore). This was a highlight for CDL. At the same time, a hotel by the name of Orchi Inn was purchased and that purchase is major because it also marked a great deal of expansion and regionalisation.

Today, CDL’s partner, Millennium & Copthorne Hotels Limited, is Singapore’s largest international hotel group and it is know to be one of the largest hotel owners and operators in the world. City Developments Limited had 50 long years of great distinction. Over five decades went by and CDL created a name for itself in an excellent way. Their mottois “converse as we construct.” Their ultimate goal is to create better homes for people to live in happily. They press on to the future hoping to continue this goal for more people as long as they can.